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Risky Teen Behavior

Is your teen participating in risky behavior? Should you seek help for your teen? How can you tell if your teen is struggling? The following risk assessment can help you determine your teen's level of risky behavior and what you can do to help them.


Risk Assessment
Answer the following questions yes or no:

     1. Does you teen's behavior make you worry about their safety?
     2. Is your teen experiencing trouble at school? (suspension, truancy, grades)
     3. Does your teen lack self-esteem and self-worth?
     4. Is your teen using or experimenting with drugs and alcohol?
     5. Does your teen display violent behavior?
     6. Has your teen had problems with the law?
     7. Do you worry your teen may not finish high school?
     8. Does your teen have trouble with authority?
     9. Does your teen seem unmotivated or depressed?
    10. Do you suspect your teen lies or is dishonest with you?
    11. Has your teen ever displayed evidence of suicidal ideas?
    12. Do you worry about your teen's future?
    13. Despite rules and consequences, do you feel your teen will defy them?
    14. Are you exhausted from your teen's defiant or destructive behavior and choices?
    15. Do you feel powerless when dealing with your teen?
Count your "yes" answers to the above questions. Assess your teen's level of risk and consider the suggested interventions below.
    10+:  Your teen is a high risk, get help. A residential center, treatment program, or specialty school is strongly recommended.

    5-9:  Consider making changes at home, by strengthening rules and structure. You might consider outside help, such as a residential center, treatment program, or specialty school.

    Up to 4:  Your teen is a moderate risk. Work on improving family rules and consistency in your follow through, as well as improving family communication.

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